Theodore was born in Boston, USA, from Greek parents, both biologists.  He moved to Paris at an early age and grew-up between France, Greece and England.  He studied piano before attaining a law degree at Sorbonne University while concurrently studying sculpture at the National School of Fine Arts in Paris.

Despite his virtuosity in large ink drawings and the wooden figures that made him renowned, Theodore has managed to renew constantly his work, evidencing the plurality of the Artist and the multifaceted layers and depth of his artistic expression. In 2010, he displayed for two months a real bomb of his fabrication at the boutique of the Palais de Tokyo in Paris, which the artist referred to as “an artistic danger”. He presented at AMP a first edition of his  “Terrorist Toys”, composed of objects and artifacts influenced by “the aesthetic of modern north African guerrillas mixed with Chinese industrial cheap design”, and launched a poetic political campaign during last elections in his country of origins, undermining the need to bridge firmly politics and arts in order to elaborate a language that could reach simultaneously all and intimately everyone. Theodore also wrote a column in the cult French magazine ” L’Impossible/ L’autre journal”.

“I am most interested in what is alive, what has not been labeled, has no self-assurance, no recognition; what shivers and tends towards inventing tomorrow.”

Selected Exhibitions

– Solo show hosted by Romeo Gigli at Salon de Mobile Milan, presentation of 20 wooden figures – Milan 2001

– “Revolution Now!” presentation of a homemade bomb, at the Blackblock of Palais de Tokyo, Paris, 2010

– 19 floors mural for New Acton in Canberra, Australia. was awarded the Australian Prize for Art in Architecture 2011

– Diffusion of “terrorists toys” and posters presented at ANDREAS MELAS PRESENTS, Athens 2010

– Atopos, “Monsters in Fashion” Benaki Museum, 2011

– “Vode Campaign” simultaneous show and electoral campaign, presentation of 40 Posters at Stigma Lab, Athens 2012 (solo)

-“A plea for tenderness” Sarri12, presentation of 12 large inks on paper, Athens 2014 (solo)

– “No Respect” an overview on Greek Graffiti, Onassis Cultural Center Athens 2014

– Salon de Bricolage Preview of “Rafts” 2015

Selected Press

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